Grubhub CEO Demands Resignation of Employees Who Support Trump's Rhetoric

Posted: Nov 11, 2016 7:30 AM

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter at Grubhub it may be time to turn in your two-week notice.

The CEO of the online food delivery service was so upset about the election on Wednesday that he wrote an email to employees suggesting those who support the president-elect resign.

“If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here,” wrote Matt Maloney, Co-Founder of Grubhub. “We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team."

Maloney, a Clinton supporter, seemed shocked at the election results and promised his employees he’d fight for their dignity against Trump’s “nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics.”

“While demeaning, insulting, and ridiculing minorities, immigrants, and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr. Trump, I want to be clear that this behavior -- and these views -- have no place at Grubhub,” Maloney explained.

“I want to reaffirm to anyone on our team that is scared or feels personally exposed, that I and everyone else here at Grubhub will fight for your dignity and your right to make a better life for yourself and your family here in the United States.”

While Maloney seems to call out those who support Trump, he went on to write that Grubhub “will actively support diversity and inclusion -- regardless of national politics.”

Still, some say he should have kept his mouth shut given that Grubhub is a public company.

"That note could be construed by his employees that someone who voted for Trump could be fired," Mark Horstman, co-founder of Manager Tools, told Fox News. "It has a chilling effect on people's perception of their rights."

Maloney stands by his email, telling Fox News he’s “not embarrassed by it” but wrote a follow-up blog post saying the letter is being misconstrued.

"I did not ask anyone to resign if they voted for Trump," he said in a blog post Thursday. "To the contrary, the message of the email is that we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace, and that we will stand up for our employees."