WikiLeaks: Clinton Camp Calls The New York Times "Our Press"

Posted: Oct 20, 2016 11:30 AM
WikiLeaks: Clinton Camp Calls The New York Times "Our Press"

From having veto power over quotes to getting a heads up on stories before they published and being given exact interview questions ahead of time, Hillary Clinton’s cozy relationship with the media has been on full display in the emails released from WikiLeaks thus far. The relationship is so close, in fact, that Team Clinton referred to The New York Times as “our press.”

In WikiLeaks’ latest leaked emails, Clinton told her aides she was “upset” by a story about her in The New York Times titled “Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton,” and her “continued bad relationship” with what one of her aides described as “our press.”

Her campaign chairman John Podesta emailed members of the campaign in July 2015 to see what the reaction has been to the story written by Mark Leibovich.

 “I kind of felt like he wasted the effort. Kind of a reporter’s sketch rather than interesting observation,” he noted.

“Not a lot of reaction,” said Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

“Reaction has been positive – that it is a sympathetic portrait of how hard it is for her,” she continued, noting that Clinton was “upset” by the story.

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 “She is unhappy with it,” Palmieri said. “Huma, Kristina, and I did a call with her. She is upset about our continued bad relationship with our press.”

Sadly, with the vast majority of the media in the tank for Clinton, Palmieri’s right—it is her press.