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Tuesday’s Biggest Winner? Hillary Clinton, Says Former Romney Adviser

Donald Trump may have swept New York in Tuesday’s primary with 60.5 percent of the vote, but overall, the biggest winner of the night was still Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney’s former adviser Stu Stevens told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.


Of course, Clinton won the Democratic contest with an equally impressive 57.9 percent of the vote, but what Stevens was referring to was the general election.

"Big night for Donald Trump because, if he hadn’t won, it would be a bad night for Donald Trump. But … This is about getting to 1237,” he said. “I think that it would be a better shot for those who don’t want Donald Trump, if John Kasich would not compete in California, if John Kasich would not compete in Indiana. If he would let Cruz take those delegates. This is all about not getting to 1237 for Donald Trump. But, you know, Trump is benefiting from that — both of them staying in like that. But, listen, I think the big winner tonight is Hillary Clinton. Because Hillary Clinton ... crushes Donald Trump in the general."

The last time Donald Trump was ahead of Clinton in a general election poll was a USA Today/Suffolk survey from mid-February. And in that poll he was only ahead by two points, within the margin of error. Clinton, on the other hand, fares much better against Trump.

Via RCP:

So no matter how much Trump keeps winning, at this point it’s not enough to take the White House. How much that could change if the race does turn into a contest between Trump and Clinton remains to be seen. 

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