Look Who's Featured in ISIS's New Video Touting Brussels Attack

Posted: Mar 27, 2016 7:30 PM

The Islamic State is out with a new propaganda video showing an image of Donald Trump in flames repeating his statement from earlier this week that Brussels is now a ‘horror show.’

The Islamic State took credit for this week’s terror attacks—going so far as to hand out candy in Syria to celebrate.

Posted online, the video features Donald Trump declaring: 'Brussels was one of the great cities, it was one of the most beautiful cities of the world 20 years ago, it was amazing actually, and safe.

'Now it's a horror show, it's an absolute horror show.'

It then plays a song, repeating the lyrics: 'Brothers rise up, claim your victory, let's go for jihad.'

Over footage of the aftermath of the attacks, a voice narrates in Arabic. Text below translates the message, in which it outlines the 'regulations of jihad'.

It states: 'The regulations of Jihad in the cause of Allah are clear and there are no reasonable doubts about it.

'And Quran has decided waging Jihad against the disbelievers until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled and the Islamic State has asked them to give it but they refused.

'Yet the Crusade jets including the Belgian are still bombing the Muslims in Iraq. Killing children, women, old, and destroying mosques and schools.

'But the calamity is the exile that the people of Islam live at till most of them managed to deny jihad against the disbelievers and deny the blessed forays in Crusade Europe and other places, including the last foray of Brussels.' 

Trump has vowed to “hit ISIS very, very hard” if elected president, even refusing to rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against the terror group.