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Kimmel to Hillary: Your Slogans Are Awful, Are You Jealous of 'Feel the Bern?'

Coming up with a good slogan is important for any campaign. And even though Hillary Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner,  “Hillary for America” just isn’t cutting it, especially compared to her opponent Bernie Sanders’ slogan.


Fortunately for the former first lady, Jimmy Kimmel took pity on her for her campaign’s lack of creativity and offered her some new ideas.

“Are you jealous of Bernie Sanders' slogan ‘feel the Bern’? It is a really good slogan, Kimmel asked Clinton.

“I have to say I'm not,” she replied with a laugh.  

“I've seen some of yours and they're not as good,' Kimmel said before presenting Clinton a button and sticker with some of her campaign’s slogans.

Check out some of Kimmel’s ideas and see if you think any are better than Bernie’s. 


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