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Earlier this month Quinnipiac University conducted a national poll asking Americans which news network they trusted the most. Not surprisingly, MSNBC ranked dead last when compared to the other major networks, with a paltry 7 percent of respondents rating MSNBC as their most trusted news source.


While there’s a laundry list of possible reasons for this, one of the most basic would be an anchor’s ability to comprehend vocabulary and pronounce it accordingly—both of which are seemingly too difficult for the host of “PoliticsNation,” race baiter Al Sharpton.

In this segment, Sharpton discusses how Canadian-born “Ted’s Crew” (Ted Cruz) is, according to legal experts, “allegable” (eligible) to run as a natural born citizen. Oh, and he also warns viewers that “We might see some more Dr. Zeus” (Dr. Seuss) during his campaign. 

Head, meet desk.

Editor's note: This post has been updated for clarity purposes. 

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