Biden: There's 'Hatred' Behind Voter ID Laws

Posted: Feb 26, 2014 4:25 PM

Vice President Joe Biden called on Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act at a Black History Month event Tuesday and said that voter ID laws in some southern states are evidence of lingering “zealotry” and “hatred.”

"These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away," Biden said, singling out laws in Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas. "The zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason."

Biden was hopeful that Congress would address the parts of the Voting Rights Act overturned by the Supreme Court in June.

“This fight has been too long, this fight has been too hard, to do anything other than win — not on the margins, but flat-out win.”

There is no "hatred" behind these laws, however--only a desire to prevent voter and election fraud, which threaten the integrity of America’s electoral system. And it has widespread support—74 percent of Americans support voter ID laws.

Nevertheless, the Justice Department is challenging North Carolina and Texas’ voter ID laws.

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