New Ad Features 'Obama Phone' Lady

Posted: Oct 15, 2012 7:50 PM

The "Obama phone" lady has made her way into a new a Tea Party Victory Fund ad that will initially run in three Ohio counties.  

Via The Slate:

The pitch is written by the Fund's titular chairman Ken Blackwell, Ohio's former secretary of state -- and, important for the messaging here, a black man.

“This is it-- this is the October surprise. We just need to get this ad on television today. Will you help us?

This commercial is a microcosm of the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans want to create an environment where free people make their own choices and pursue their dreams. President Obama and the Democrats want to create a dependency on Government that ensures that Americans will continue to rely on Washington from cradle to grave.

What this lady said is so offensive because it's so blatant--she finally comes out and says what we all know that the Democrats really think. That's why this ad is so damaging to the President here in Ohio.

Let me tell you something, I'm from Ohio -- I was elected statewide as the Secretary of State, and Ohio State Treasurer--this ad is effective. If swing voters in this state see this ad, they simply will not support President Obama, and he will lose Ohio.”

Even though The Left will surely scream racism at the very thought of people circulating this video let alone featuring it as an ad, that’s not the message here at all. The spot begins with a bold question: “Have Barack Obama’s Policies Empowered or Enslaved Americans?” You know who argued the latter? Allen West. And naturally, liberals lambasted him for it. Here's the clip: 

“Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable things. Sitting at home and getting a check from the government is not going to help your self-esteem. What it will do is make you an economic slave to people living in a far, far, distant place.”

Naturally, West fought back against misrepresentations of his remark: 

We are creating economic dependence. That is what I am calling out.  This has nothing to do with the hardworking Americans who have earned their retirement.

What the liberal media machine wants to hide from you, and distort with my comments, is that the policies of President Barack Obama is making our nation one based on economic dependency -- and I call this a form of modern 21st Century slavery.

West's point about economic depdendence is exactly what's hammered home in this ad. Obama’s record on food stamps, the national debt and jobs lost flashes across the screen before ending with the question: “Can we afford four more years of Barack Obama?”

As Guy discussed when he first reported this video:

This is not about race; the ills of selfishness and entitlement transcend race and ethnicity.  It's about the direction of the country and the insidiousness of dependency.  We're $16 trillion in debt.  Is it really an essential government service to be providing "free" cell phones to people?  Our government spent $1.6 billion on this program last year alone -- and it's expanding so recklessly that even a sitting US Senator received a letter informing her that she was eligible for a free government cell phone.  Hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries have been shown to be engaged in fraud, applying for and receiving numerous taxpayer-funded phones from multiple carriers.  As Europe burns --literally -- because its citizens are livid that their unsustainable hammock of government benefits is being shredded by fiscal reality, the United States must not continue down that path.  But that is President Obama's path.  The consequences of his ideology are playing out in the streets of Athens and Madrid as you read this.  Are voters, and taxpayers in particular, paying attention?