Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Tells White Women to 'Do Better' at Women's March

Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:55 PM

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told white women to “do better” at the Women’s March event in Las Vegas, Nevada Saturday. She was cheered by the crowd and went on to praise women running for office.

"All across the country, the Women's March inspired doctors and teachers and mothers to become activists and organizers and, yes, candidates for office," she said. "And from Virginia to Alabama and to last week in Wisconsin, women have beaten the odds to elect our own to office. Women of color, transgender women, rural and urban women."

"These victories were led and made possible by women of color," she claimed. 

"So, white women, listen up. We've got to do better. It is not up to women of color to save this country from itself. That's on all of us. That's on all of us," she emphasized.

Her remarks are likely a reference to the large number of white women, 53 percent, who voted for President Trump.

She went on to claim that women can be the most powerful political force in the country.

"The good news is when we are in full on sisterhood, women are the most powerful, political force in America," she said, “and that means no matter what country you come from, no matter who you love, no matter what you look like, no matter what we are unstoppable.”

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She later tweeted out part of her message to the Women’s March.

Cecile Richards heads the nation’s largest abortion provider which was responsible for 321,384 abortions over this past year.