DNC Chair Tom Perez Accidentally Praises 'Doug Moore' for Senate Win

Posted: Dec 13, 2017 7:15 PM

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez accidentally congratulated “Doug Moore” Wednesday on NBC’s Meet the Press as he was discussing Doug Jones’s victory over Roy Moore.

“Doug ran a campaign where it wasn't about right versus left. It was about right versus wrong, and it's wrong for a party to put up a guy like Roy Moore, and it's right for voters to go for a guy like Doug Moore,” Perez said. He then paused and corrected himself, “Doug uh, uh Jones — because he's fighting for everybody.”

Perez isn't the only Democrat that just can’t seem to remember Jones’s name following his historic win as the first Democrat in 25 years to be elected as a Senator in Alabama. 

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) tweeted "Thank you Alabamians and Doug Moore," Tuesday evening in a tweet that has now been removed.

An actual Doug Moore jokingly accepted her gratitude on Twitter.

During the campaign, Roy Moore faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations, some involving teens as young as 14 and 16. He and Jones were campaigning to fill the Senate seat that had been held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore has refused to concede the race and is calling for a recount.

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