Oh My God: Roy Moore Refuses To Concede, Will 'Wait On God And Let This Process Play Out'

Posted: Dec 13, 2017 7:30 AM

Democrat Doug Jones has clinched a sweet win in Alabama, becoming the first Democrat in over two decades to represent the state in the U.S. Senate. He’s already given his victory speech. President Trump has already acknowledged his victory over Republican Roy Moore. It’s game over, but Moore refuses to concede. Right now, a little over 20,000 votes separate the two candidates. 

Moore said that when the race is this close, it’s not over.

“What we’ve got to do is wait on God and let this process play out,” he said. He also took a swipe at the media for their coverage of his campaign. Moore was bombarded with stories about improper sexual conduct with multiple women. These incident occurred when the accused were teenagers. It was quite the circus. So, Moore is not conceding, even though he’s nowhere near to closing he gap that would trigger a recount. So, that’s what’s happening with Moore right now. Alabama’s secretary of state even said that he doesn’t see any other scenario arising other than Doug Jones winning. Pack it up and go home, Moore. It’s over