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Border Patrol President: 'They WANT This Chaos'

The border crisis is catastrophic, and it's about to get worse. Last night, on "O'Connor Tonight" on Salem News Channel, I interviewed Brandon Judd, President of the Border Patrol Council. He laid out exactly what has fallen apart and how bad it is on our Southern border and even on our Northern Border. 


This extraordinary exchange really caught my attention:

O'Connor: Are you telling me sir, on behalf of the border patrol, that if we could actually enforce our existing laws in securing the border, then you've got the resources to be able to actually stem the tide of fentanyl crossing. The problem is all of the resources of the border patrol right now are dealing with just processing this flood of people who are allowed to cross in is that is that basically your case? 

Judd: Absolutely you hit it. You hit the nail on the head. We have the resources to do what's necessary. And by the way, all of it is policy. The taxpayer does not need more technology. We don't need more infrastructure. All we have to have is policy that doesn't cost you anything and that policy would allow us to secure the border tomorrow. 

We saw that under present Trump we don't have to recreate the will. He already gave us the blueprint on exactly what we need to do. I was there with him. I worked on all of this with him and I know exactly what needs to be done and what's really frustrating is (Sec. Alejandro) Mayorkas also knows what needs to be done. The White House knows what needs to be done. I've had those conversations with Mayorkas. I've sat down with him and I have discussed exactly what is necessary to secure the border. He just completely ignores everything because the open border activists want what's currently going on. 

Just look at the White House. Look at the West Wing. It's permeated with activists. That's who the political appointees are in our government. Today they come from activist backgrounds. 

They want this chaos.


Here was the man representing the Border Patrol agents telling me he did not want any more money for more officers; he just wants the president to allow the agents to do their jobs – to enforce our laws, secure our border, and keep illegal immigrants from entering the country. 

Watch the entire interview above. It's startling. 

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