Israeli Man Dead, Others Injured as Rockets Launch into Residential Communities

Posted: May 15, 2021 9:45 AM
Israeli Man Dead, Others Injured as Rockets Launch into Residential Communities

Source: (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

A man near Tel Aviv died and several other residents suffered injuries Saturday morning as rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza.

The injuries resulting from the rockets targeting residential areas were minor, according to the New York Post.

Rockets launched from Gaza and struck the residential area south of Tel Aviv, resulting in heavy damage, Alarabiya News reported. 

The man died after he was unable to be saved following critical injuries suffered from the attack, according to a police spokesperson:

The airstrike followed the Israeli military telling people to evacuate the building. The explanation for why the building was targeted by Hamas is not yet known.

Videos surfacing on social media showed smoke coming from buildings. The Israeli army reportedly told residents to remain indoors as it was too dangerous outside. 

As violence ensues between Israel and Hamas, U.S. envoy Hady Amir is headed to the region.

Politicians involved in the conflict say the likelihood of decreased violence in the area is not looking optimistic. 

Veteran Palestinian politician Hanan Ashrawi told the BBC:

I don’t think he can do much, frankly speaking.

Ashrawi said that the United States has more influence than it cares to admit, adding:

If they really mean business, then they can, at the highest level, come out and say ‘stop the shelling, stop the killing'.

More than 130 people have reportedly already been killed in the Gaza Strip, as well as 10 people in Israel.