Activist Judge to Block Voter ID In Pennsylvania

Posted: Aug 18, 2013 11:01 AM

Pennsylvania lawmakers last year passed a voter ID law that was derided by the NAACP and others the moment it was signed. A long court battle has now handed anti-voter-ID advocates a victory:

A state judge issued an order Friday that is expected to block enforcement of Pennsylvania's strict voter-identification law in the Nov. 5 general election.

After legal jousting that reached the state Supreme Court, a judge blocked enforcement in last year's presidential election and again in this year's municipal and judicial primary because of lingering concern that it could disenfranchise voters who lacked a valid photo ID.

The state of Pennsylvania spent many millions of dollars on a publicity campaign to educate voters about the new voter ID law, yet the key reasoning in the Pennsylvania court's decision was about the lack of information that Keystone state voters might suffer.

John Hawkins wrote about the need for voter ID laws on Townhall a while back:

Democrats believe that they benefit from voter fraud; so they oppose any sort of attempt to verify that voters are who they say they are.

They can't admit that; so they use excuses. The first is their patronizing and insulting claim that black Americans are so uniquely stupid and incompetent that you can't expect them to get a photo ID like white people do. It's amazing that in 2012, a major political party would make such a racist argument, but the Democrats do.