Panicked Media Declaring "GOP Civil War"

Posted: Nov 05, 2012 6:25 PM
With many in the mainstream media predicting a decisive victory for President Obama and Democrats all over the country, some are now writing pre-emptive obituaries for the Republican Party.

Politico's Jonathan Martin has one such piece called "The looming GOP civil war - whether Mitt wins or not." Such hysterics include:

Regardless of whether Romney wins or loses, Republicans must move to confront its demographic crisis. The GOP coalition is undergirded by a shrinking population of older white conservative men from the countryside, while the Democrats rely on an ascendant bloc of minorities, moderate women and culturally tolerant young voters in cities and suburbs. This is why, in every election, since 1992, Democrats have either won the White House or fallen a single state short of the presidency.

Martin goes on to suggest that the only way that Republicans can overcome this "demographic crisis" is through support for immigration amnesty and lax policy on abortion - and that no matter what the results, "moderates" like Mitt Romney and John Boehner must be the leaders of the future.

Martin, more than most Politico reporters, is steeped in the conservative movement. He was at National Review before moving to Politico. This piece, though, smacks of the ideological projection that others in the mainstream media who consider Republicans to be akin to space aliens. The only way for the Republican Party to survive, they say, is to adopt policies that Democrats support.

Election day looms, and we are not so far removed from 2010. It's strange to think that there is no future constituency for conservatism.