U.S. Chamber Rolls Out "Regulatory Madness"

Posted: Mar 24, 2012 12:18 PM
Every year around this time, many organizations have fun with March Madness-style brackets. Garden & Gun is running a "best southern food" bracket. Vanity Fair is running a "sexiest cartoon characters" bracket. (Don't ask.) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Free Enterprise project, however, has something a little more educational: a "regulatory madness" bracket.

People may go and vote on which government regulations are the craziest. Among the contenders: the NLRB's "ambush elections" rule; the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the "essential health benefits package" rule"; and various environmental regulations. Unlike most "fun" brackets, it's possible to learn a thing or two.

Their "Elite Eight" voting begins Monday. Regulatory Madness Bracket - Elite Eight