Townhall's Great Illegal Immigration Debate

Posted: Apr 28, 2010 3:53 PM
We've got a great slate of articles on the Arizona immigration law and the greater immigration debate going on around the country. Today. Recommended reading for everyone!

Michelle Malkin: How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens
Jonah Goldberg: Arizona's Ugly But Unnecessary Immigration Law
Michael Gerson: Arizona's Test of Political Character
Alex Nowrasteh: Republicans Can Win the Immigration Reform Battle
Brent Bozell: Arizona's 21-Bottle Salute

Here are some of the comments going on in our Townhall debate:

Mr. Ecko

AZ Gets It Right
This controversy surrounding the AZ law is preposterous. Is the bill perfect? No. Is it racist? Certainly not. Are people over-reacting about a state handling a state problem? You betcha.

[Ariz. Gov. Brewer] said she would not tolerate racial profiling and discrimination, and announced a new AZPOST training program for law enforcement based in Arizona on the new criteria and law. It will be very interesting to see how the constitutionality of this law plays out in court.


Republicans are the party of LEGAL immigration, but we won't stand for people abusing our laws.


The Problem is Obama and Napolitano they have done NOTHING to improve border security. Napolitano said yesterday that "border security is good as it always was." Duh! Really impressive statement.

Great discussion going on. Reading all the TH readers' reaction to the Arizona law and what you think should be done about the illegal immigration problem has been fascinating.

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