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Townhall columnist La Shawn Barber reports on an abortion gone wrong:

In 2006, a woman about 15 weeks pregnant (in vitro) with fraternal twins opted to kill the baby with Down syndrome. The “doctor” mistakenly injected poison into the chromosomally normal baby. Rather than keep the remaining baby, however, the mother had him killed, too.

Last weekend, the medical board revoked the doctor’s license. He was negligent, after all. Medically speaking, what he did was akin to removing a healthy kidney while leaving the diseased kidney, or amputating the wrong foot. He says he’s haunted “by the outcome of this case”.

La Shawn then raises a good point: why would the doctor be "haunted" by this case? His only reasoning should be that he's really upset for the mother that he "accidentally aborted" the wrong baby.

Otherwise, an abortionist's reasoning would logically conclude that a "wanted" baby has more rights and deserves more respect than an "unwanted" baby. The twin that this man aborted was wanted. Does he feel bad for the wanted baby or does he feel bad for the mother?

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