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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Speaking from a White House set in the Eisenhower Office Building Thursday afternoon, President Joe Biden attempted to explain why he ordered the use of $400,000 missiles by the U.S. military to shoot down 'objects' in the sky -- objects he says were likely owned by private companies conducting legitimate scientific research. In other words, weather balloons. 


The remarks came two weeks after the U.S. government, helmed by Biden, allowed a Chinese spy ballon to surveil sensitive military sites and traverse the continental United States for days before finally being shot down over the ocean on the South Carolina coast. Officials watched the balloon take off from China and make its journey toward the U.S. For days lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have asked Biden for an explanation to the American people, which the White House firmly resisted. 


After the attempted explanation Biden shuffled away from the lectern, briefly returned to scoff at a reporter asking about his family's business dealings with China and then turned to exit again. He also issued a strange statement about meeting in his office. 


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