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Schiff Makes Good on His Threat to Keep Pursuing Power

Fresh off of his debut on the Chinese spy app Tik Tok and after being kicked off of the House Intelligence Committee for repeatedly lying to the American people, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff has officially announced plans for a U.S. Senate run in California. He plans to primary incumbent Senator and fellow Democrat Dianne Feinstein. 


Just two days ago Schiff warned his abolishment from his previous committee assignments wouldn't deter his shameless ambition for power. 

For years Democrats have contemplated pushing Feinstein, 89, out of her seat. 

In December, POLITICO reported the "shadow race" to replace Feinstein was well underway. 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein hasn’t said if she intends to seek another term in 2024 — but the competition to succeed the oldest member of Congress is escalating.

Reps. Ro Khanna and Katie Porter are fielding entreaties to jump into the race, and Rep. Adam Schiff has publicly declared he is exploring a run. Rep. Barbara Lee is spending the holidays mulling her next move. Three hopefuls have contacted former Sen. Barbara Boxer to seek her advice, marking the incipient stages of a fierce fight between California Democrats for a seat that has not been open for a generation.

Feinstein’s plans remain a wildcard. The 89-year-old senator’s standing has eroded as California Democrats sour on her centrism and the San Francisco Chronicle detailed her perceived cognitive decline. 


In the past, current California Governor Gavin Newsom has also been floated for the position. 

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