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Even CNN Is Noticing Fetterman's Incoherent Campaigning

(AP Photo/Marc Levy)

Since winning the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate back in May, John Fetterman has been hidden away from public view. Just days before voting began he suffered a stroke and nearly died. He was in the hospital when the votes were tallied on Election Day. 


Now, when he does show up at rare campaign events, it's for just a few minutes. Usually wearing an oversized sweatshirt and basketball shorts, his appearance is sloppy. His words are even more incoherent and usually Democrat friendly media outlets are starting to take notice. 

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Mehmet Oz is hitting the road and campaigning hard to win the seat in November. 

In July and August, Mr. Oz has traveled by car or truck over 3,500 miles to 30 different counties making 139 stops in cities, suburbs and rural towns across the state. From the barber shops of Kensington in Philadelphia to the suburbs of Pittsburgh and all points in between, he’s been meeting voters where they are, something Mr. Oz said he finds extraordinarily rewarding. 

Mr. Oz, for his part, has found his stride getting personal — knocking on doors, asking questions and getting to know what issues are most important to Pennsylvania voters. And he does it well, something few who haven’t followed him around the state understand.


His work appears to be paying off as he closes the gap with Fetterman.

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