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(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

President Joe Biden is planning to shut down the sale of excess ammunition used for semi-automatic rifles in Lake City, Missouri, potentially putting hundreds of American jobs on the chopping block. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the move also puts national security and military readiness at risk. 


"NSSF has been on contact with officials at Winchester Ammunition regarding the Biden administration’s consideration of halting sales of excess M855/SS109 ammunition. Winchester was informed that the government is considering restricting the manufacturing and commercial sale of legal ammunition produced at the Lake City, Mo., facility," NSSF Public Affairs Managing Director Mark Oliva tells Townhall. "This policy to deny the sale of excess ammunition not only would freeze over 30 percent of the 5.56 mm/.223 caliber ammunition used by law-abiding gun owners, it risks the ammunition industry’s ability to surge production capacity for national defense if the costs to maintain the present workforce isn’t recouped through sales to the civilian market."

"This restrictive action would immediately jeopardize 400-500 jobs, significantly reduce the availability of ammunition in the marketplace, and put the nation’s warfighting readiness at risk. Both NSSF and Winchester strongly oppose this action," Oliva continued. "This threat of restricting ammunition sales is another example of political agendas interfering with lawful commerce of law-abiding gun owners." 

The news comes after the administration failed to secure Biden's desired gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. Biden wants a ban on semi-automatic rifles and is using the shut down in Lake City to partially get his way. The backdoor move is similar to one the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms attempted during the Obama administration, which Townhall exposed at the time


NSSF notes the move could poison the current bipartisan framework introduced earlier this week.

"This policy of ceasing the sale of excess ammunition is ill-timed and jeopardizes the fragile negotiations of the framework deal that was agreed to by the bipartisan group of Senators. Senators specifically requested The White House allow the Senate to negotiate in good faith and without interference to arrive at their agreement," Oliva said. "NSSF is working with Senators and Members of Congress to appraise them of these developments and turn back this counterproductive policy. Winchester officials are actively engaged with government leaders in Washington, D.C., to ensure their full understanding of the negative implications related to this type of sudden and reactive action."

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