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White House

When President Barack Obama was in office, he introduced America to the "Life of Julia" as a way to sell his massive government takeover of private healthcare. It was a cradle to grave portrayal of a single woman reliant on the government throughout every aspect her life. 


"Obama is setting forward a vision contrary to the American tradition of self-sufficiency--a welfare state that runs from cradle to grave. And it's a dishonest vision, because it presents all of these benefits as 'free,' never acknowledging that they are paid for through coercive taxation," the Wall Street Journal described at the time. 

Now, Biden is reintroducing the idea with a new woman named Linda as a way to sell his massive $1.75 trillion socialist spending framework.

A series of graphics posted on show Linda, a single woman, proceeding through life with the government as her husband, rather than the man she theoretically has a child with. There is no mention of a significant other helping to provide Linda with the things she and her child need, only the government. The child, Leo, grows up without a father, who is replaced by the federal government. 

Those who remember the Life of Julia are noting the similarities.


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