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Here Is Biden's Schedule for the Weekend

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Inflation is raging, the supply chain is backed up, illegal immigration at the southern border just hit a new high, American ports are overwhelmed with stagnant cargo, China just launched a hypersonic missile and Build Back Better is stalled on Capitol Hill. But none of these pressing issues are stopping President Joe Biden from leaving the White House Friday for another weekend away in Delaware. 

"In the evening, the President and the First Lady will travel to Wilmington, Delaware, where they will remain over the weekend," White House daily guidance states. 

Biden has been to Delaware nearly every weekend this year, adding up to dozens of trips. The White House justifies the visits because he "likes his home." 

During a CNN town hall Thursday night, Biden stumbled through questions about why he hasn't visited the border. 

For the record, throughout his 40 years in public office, Biden has never made the trip. So, while he apparently has plenty of time for regular trips home for the weekend, the border will have to wait. 

Conveniently, visitors in Delaware are not officially logged like they are at the White House. 

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