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Biden's Nominee for ATF Director is a Major Gun Control Activist Who Was Involved in Waco

President Joe Biden is expected to sign a series of executive actions on gun control at the White House tomorrow. In addition, he will also nominate longtime gun control activist and former Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive agent David Chipman to lead the federal government bureau.


For years Chipman served as a senior policy advisor and spokesperson for the Giffords gun control organization and Michael Bloomberg's anti-Second Amendment apparatus. Both aggressively advocate for the federal government to ban the most commonly owned firearms in the United States. 

During his time as an ATF special agent, Chipman worked on the Branch Davidian trial after the government -- specifically ATF and FBI -- botched a raid in Waco, Texas. Bad decisions made by federal agents ultimately resulted in the deaths of 76 people, including pregnant women and dozens of children.


Interestingly, his Twitter page is protected and he appears to have deleted previous tweets. 

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