The Trump Convention Bump is Already Here

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 2:55 PM
The Trump Convention Bump is Already Here

Source: (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

As the RNC gets ready to kick off night three of their 2020 convention, President Trump is already seeing a bump in his poll numbers.

According to a survey from Zogby, Trump is sitting at 52 percent approval. Paul Bedard has the info:

Buoyed by blacks and independent voters, as well as urban dwellers shocked by the Black Lives Matter protest violence raging in some cities, President Trump’s approval rating has hit a new high, according to a survey heavy with minority voters.

The latest Zogby Analytics poll just shared with Secrets had Trump’s approval at 52%. “The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby.

What’s more, his approval rating among minorities was solid and, in the case of African Americans, shockingly high. Zogby said 36% of blacks approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians.

In battleground states, he's closing the gap with rival Joe Biden. 

Further, the biggest issues facing the country are turning in Trump's favor. 

Biden's numbers didn't budge after the DNC convention last week. 

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