Mark Levin Blasts Harris' Extreme Record: Most Anti-American Ever Stated

Posted: Aug 17, 2020 9:30 AM
Mark Levin Blasts Harris' Extreme Record: Most Anti-American Ever Stated

Source: (Alex Wong/Pool via AP)

Since California Senator Kamala Harris was announced as Democrat Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate last week, the pair's leftist allies in the media have completely ignored her record and given glowing reviews of the decision. 

But while the majority of media figures choose to bury or rewrite Harris' record, her extremism still exists and deserves serious scrutiny. 

During his Sunday night broadcast on Fox News, conservative radio host and attorney Mark Levin went through her record, exposing it as much more radical than the headlines reveal. 

"She is farther left than 97 percent of Democrats in the United States Senate. She is left of avowed Marxist, Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders. She's not moderate, she's not a pragmatist like the New York Times and others are trying to tell you," Levin said. "She would decriminalize illegal immigration. She rejects a physical wall on the southern border. She compared the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, the men and women in federal law enforcement who once people come here illegal and commit crimes and other things, they try and get them and deport them, she compared them to the Klu Klux Klan."

"She believes in government run healthcare for illegal aliens. Imagine what that will do to healthcare. She believes in the elimination of private healthcare. Many of you have private healthcare. Many of you have private healthcare through your employer or your union. That means 160 million people would lose their healthcare," he continued. "She is a co-sponsor with AOC [Cogresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] of the Green New Deal. What is the Green New Deal? To put it is a socialist attack on capitalism. It would affect everything from automobiles and homes, heating, air conditioning, the kind of paint you use, everything, the federal government would regulate. In other words. It's a war on capitalism."

Levin also outlined Harris' attacks on U.S. energy independence, support for tax increases on everyone, dissembling the Second Amendment and advocacy for taxpayer funded late-term abortion. 

"It is about as clear of an un-American, anti-capitalist, anti-individual, anti-constitution agenda as one has ever stated," he continued. 

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