The Anarchist Who Set a Seattle Police Precinct on Fire Has Been Arrested

Posted: Jul 16, 2020 2:30 PM

The man who set fire to a Seattle Police Precinct during rioting in June has been arrested and charged with arson. If convicted, Isaiah Thomas Willoughby faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison with the possibility of 20 years. 

“This is the third case we have charged federally for the criminal acts that tainted otherwise peaceful protests.  Other crimes remain under investigation and may result in additional federal charges,” U.S. Attorney Brian Moran released a statement. “Those who worked to turn protests into riots will not escape accountability for their criminal conduct.”  

In addition to Willoughby, two other individuals have been charged after setting fire to a number of police vehicles. 

"The U.S. Attorney’s Office has charged two other defendants with crimes related to the civil unrest in May and June 2020.  Margaret Aislinn Channon is charged with five counts of arson for setting police vehicles on fire the evening of May 30, 2020.  Devinare Antwan Parker is charged with possession of an improvised destructive device for the improvised firearm he brought to a protest on May 31, 2020," DOJ released. 

Attorney General Bill Barr is making good on his promise to bring justice to those who break the law.