The Latest Spending Push from Democrats: Using Your Money to Let Felons Out of Jail

Posted: Apr 17, 2020 8:20 AM
The Latest Spending Push from Democrats: Using Your Money to Let Felons Out of Jail

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

House Democrats aren't planning on coming back to Washington, D.C., until May, but they're still scheming from afar about how to recklessly spend your money during the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is warning that his leftist colleagues want to use taxpayer money to pay states to let criminals out of prison, including felons.

"Use of Grant Funds --- A grantee shall use amounts provided as a grant under this section for programs that provide for the following: "(1) Adopting and operating a cite-and-release process for individuals who are suspected of committing misdemeanor and felony offenses and who do not pose a risk of serious, imminent injury to a reasonably identifiable person," the legislation states.

City and state officials around the country have been releasing prisoners for weeks, justifying the move as a health issue due to Wuhan coronavirus. While they've argued violent offenders have been kept behind bars, that hasn't always been the case.

A newly released Florida man is back in jail after he reportedly murdered a man just a day after he was let out of prison.

Authorities arrested Edward Williams, 26, of Tampa, Florida, on a warrant Monday, the report said. Williams is facing charges of second-degree murder, gun possession, violently resisting an officer, drug possession, and paraphernalia possession. He was jailed with no bond.

According to NBC News, Williams was released from prison in March over concerns that COVID-19 could spread in corrections facilities. He was freed just six days after being arrested in March on suspicion of heroin possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has promised citizens of his state will not be put at risk through violent prisoner releases.

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