Barack Obama is Using Wuhan Coronavirus to Push Another Agenda

Posted: Mar 31, 2020 2:25 PM
Barack Obama is Using Wuhan Coronavirus to Push Another Agenda

Source: (AP Photo/Larry Downing, Pool)

Former President Barack Obama is weighing in on Wuhan Coronavirus...with a few ulterior motives. 

Obama is using the current crisis to push hysteria about climate change. He's also making an attempt to protect his legacy. 

The article Obama cites claims the Trump administration is purposely rolling back fuel efficiency standards as an effort to ignore climate change. The reality is much different. The administration is still requiring automakers build cars with decreased emissions. They've simply decreased the current rate or standard to one lower than those used during the Obama administration. 

From Car and Driver

Relaxed fuel-economy rules are now in effect. For new cars built over the next six years, automakers must still increase efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions each year but at a lower climb versus the original Obama-era regulations from 2012.

Under the new rule affecting new cars and light-duty trucks from the 2021 through 2026 model years, fuel consumption and emissions must each drop by 1.5 percent annually as compared to the 2012 ruling's 5 percent annual decreases. The draft proposal from the Trump administration in 2018 had frozen the 2020 model-year standards and applied them through 2026. 

In other words, the Trump administration isn't "rolling back" emissions standards of the past, they're simply making them more realistic to achieve. A far cry from President Obama's dire warning that climate change is somehow comparable to the current Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

As a reminder, the ultimate goal of the left -- as evidenced in the Green New Deal -- is to completely eliminate cars or any other mode of private transportation with emissions.