Here's What We've Been Up to Over at Townhall VIP. Join Us!

Posted: Mar 20, 2020 6:30 AM
Here's What We've Been Up to Over at Townhall VIP. Join Us!

Source: AP Photo/Tony Dejak

In November, proudly launched Townhall VIP to bring you exclusive stories from Washington, D.C., and beyond.

As a leading outlet for conservative thought, news and opinion for more than two decades, we wanted to take our work in a direction that is tailored to our readers and one that defends American values. Every day our columnists, editors and writers produce leading political commentary and breaking news millions of grassroots conservatives can depend on.

At a time when accurate information is more important than ever, our team is working to get the facts. While the so-called "mainstream" media is covering for the Chinese Communist Party and policing language, we're holding them accountable. We're also calling out the Left for their lies, fact-checking the fact-checkers and exposing the "journalists" who claim to be objective while working as political activists.

With a pivotal, 2020 election year upon us, the country has already been presented with serious challenges. 

In January, our team was busy covering every single angle of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, where we caught Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff and his team in an avalanche of lies. Matt Vespa attended SHOT Show in Las Vegas and highlighted the excellent work the firearms industry is doing to keep America safe. Julio Rosas reported on a crucial gun rights rally in Richmond and his work received national attention. Reagan McCarthy reported on the March for Life, a decades-long tradition that takes place in the Nation's Capitol. Every year the event is attended by hundreds-of-thousands of pro-life Americans the media deliberately chooses to ignore.

In February, Matt and Cortney O'Brien hit the road in New Hampshire to report on the preference of Democratic primary voters and beyond to the general election. I covered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's trip to the Munich Security Conference, through Africa and to the Middle East. This included stops in Senegal, Angola, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Oman. With photo journals and stories, I was able to report on U.S. interests in each country, ask questions about whether U.S. aid was being used properly and highlight the ongoing threat from Iran. At CPAC, our reporters and editors interviewed key players on Capitol Hill and talked to Carter Page about being smeared by the government, Robert Mueller's Special Counsel team and the media for years.

In March, we've been busy covering Democratic primaries that determined former Vice President Joe Biden as a final opponent to President Trump. We've also been breaking down the details of the Wuhan coronavirus; a deadly disease China unleashed on the world.

None of this is possible without you, and we are grateful. It is a challenging time in our country, and we're asking you to support our work. We plan to continue our reporting of the facts and to chase down the stories that impact people's lives.

With our mission and goals clear, we know we can't rely on big tech companies and social media to carry or amplify our work. We must do it here.

This is why we've launched Townhall VIP and why I'm asking you to become a member.

Our columnists are here to present and defend limited government principles and conservative ideals. As a perk, you'll get exclusive, smart and entertaining content from Kurt Schlichter, Larry O'Connor and others. Our reporters in Washington, D.C., and around the country continue to break down narratives, bringing you the truth without a filter or politically correct sanitization.

As a Townhall VIP member, you'll have access to ad-free content and newsletters, exclusive reporting, live chats with your favorite columnists, editors and much more. Most importantly, you'll be fueling our mission and a revenue stream that will be reinvested into the stories you care about most.

Since our launch in 1995, we've published more than 70,000 articles, columns, investigations and humorous pieces. We don't plan on stopping anytime soon. We are honored and humbled by your loyalty. We look forward to continuing our work and fighting the Left with your support. The future of news, narratives in media and the direction of the country depend on your participation. 

Join us in the fight today at Townhall VIP.