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The Left is Having a Meltdown Because Justice Neil Gorsuch Went on Fox News

UPDATE: This is how Republican Senator Thom Tillis is responding.


***Original post***

On Tuesday morning Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch made an appearance on Fox and Friends. He even wished everyone a Merry Christmas...gasp

During the interview, Gorsuch discussed the importance of an independent judiciary, being a justice dedicated to the constitution even when he doesn't like the results, the rules he has for his clerks, his relationships with his colleagues and more. 

The interview triggered a meltdown on the left, whose members are expressing outrage Gorsuch would appear on Fox News as an "impartial" justice. Saying "Merry Christmas" has sent them into a rage. 

Keep in mind fellow left leaning Justices, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, have done many media interviews. Ginsburg in particular has made overtly political statements. 

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