Kamala Harris' Campaign Appears to Be Dying

Posted: Oct 30, 2019 4:00 PM
Kamala Harris' Campaign Appears to Be Dying

Source: AP Photo/John Minchillo

It looks like Senator Kamala Harris' dreams of becoming the president of the United States are coming to an end as her campaign slowly suffocates from a lack of cash. 

According to a report from POLITICO, Harris is slashing staff and closing offices as fundraising numbers fail to deliver.

Kamala Harris is dramatically restructuring her campaign by redeploying staffers to Iowa and laying off dozens of aides at her Baltimore headquarters, according to campaign sources and a memo obtained by POLITICO Wednesday, as she struggles to resuscitate her beleaguered presidential bid.

The moves come as Harris is hemorrhaging cash and in danger of lacking the resources to mount a competitive bid against better-funded rivals in Iowa. The overhaul will touch nearly every facet of Harris’ operation, with layoffs or re-deployments coming at headquarters, as well as in New Hampshire, Nevada and her home state of California, a Super Tuesday prize that her advisers once viewed as a big asset.

Campaign Manager Juan Rodriguez will cut his own salary, according to the memo, which was just over $10,000 a month in the third quarter of the year. Harris’ consultants will also have their payments reduced and the campaign plans to trim and renegotiate other contracts to slash overhead.

Team Harris is portraying the candidate will make it to the Iowa Caucuses, which will be held in February, but the slowdown of her campaign more than three months out indicates otherwise.

The news of the cuts come shortly after Harris was caught saying she was going to "move to f*cking Iowa," where she has spent months campaigning.

So, how did we get here? A flashback to earlier this year:

Not a "top tier" candidate anymore.