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NRA: President Trump Assured Us He Isn't Going After the Second Amendment

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

In the wake of back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton a few weekends ago, gun control has again been launched to the forefront of public debate as craven politicians demand we "do something" in the wake of the inexplicable attacks. 


According to Democrats, "doing something" means destroying traditional, good and responsible gun culture in America through "universal background checks." They want to do this by making it illegal to pass family firearms to future generations. Anti-Second Amendment advocates have also demanded a ban on semi-automatic weapons (which is essentially every firearm in America), a ban on "high capacity" magazines, due process violating Red Flag laws, confiscation and more. Some 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, want to throw gun owners in prison.

President Trump gave an address to the nation from the White House earlier this month where touted Red Flag laws. During remarks to reporters he said "frankly, we need intelligent background checks."

According to the NRA, President Trump assured the organization during a thirty minute long phone call Tuesday afternoon he isn't going after Second Amendment rights. 


During remarks to reporters yesterday, President Trump warned of a "slippery slope" when it comes to new gun control measures.

"We are in very meaningful discussions with the Democrats.  And I think the Republicans are very unified.  We are very strong on our Second Amendment.  The Democrats are not strong at all on the Second Amendment.  I would say they’re weak on the Second Amendment, and we have to be careful of that," Trump said when asked if he would support gun control bills already passed by the House. "The Democrats would, I believe -- I think they’d give up the Second Amendment.  And the people that -- a lot of the people that put me where I am are strong believers in the Second Amendment -- and I am, also.  And we have to be very careful about that.  You know, they call it the “slippery slope,” and all of the sudden, everything gets taken away.  We’re not going to let that happen."

In the meantime, Congress is still back home for August recess and will return to Capitol Hill in September.

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