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President Trump Slams Tlaib's Press Conference: I Don't Believe Her Tears

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

President Trump isn't buying what Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was trying to sell during a press conference with her "sister" Ilhan Omar yesterday in Minnesota.


During the press conference, Tlaib falsely accused Israel of barring her from the country, when in reality, they gave her an exception to visit her grandmother. In order to score political points, Tlaib rejected the opportunity after desperately asking for it in a letter to the Israeli government. She's been using her grandmother, who said she wants Allah to "ruin" President Trump, as a shield ever since. Here's part of her show:

During the press conference, Tlaib and Omar repeatedly slammed Israel for alleged "human rights abuses" but failed, even once, to condemn Palestinian terrorism against Israelis and Americans. While they stated Israel is not a democracy (it is), they refused to call out the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for a lack of elections in the West Bank and Gaza since 2005 and 2006. They also failed to address this week's Palestinian Authority crackdown on LBGTQ activities in the West Bank.


Lastly, they're fundraising off of their stunt.

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