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Pompeo Rips Ilhan Omar For 'Sick and Dangerous' View of America

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo isn't mincing words in response to Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's comments earlier this week that the United States, not dictator Nicolas Maduro or socialist policies, are to blame for the current crisis in Venezuela. 


"The challenges that face the Venezuelan people today are years and years in the making, long before American sanctions were put in place months and months ago, whether that was putting military individuals in charge of their oil wealth – the largest known substantiated oil reserves in the world belong to Venezuela. Not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not the United States, not Russia, but Venezuela, and they put a general in charge, and of course it falls into disrepair," Pompeo said during an interview on The Ben Shapiro Show. "The corruption, the kleptocracy, is legion, and that all long predates Americans’ effort – America’s effort to build out a 54-nation coalition to restore democracy. To suggest that the troubles – when there are 200 metric tons of food sitting on the Venezuelan border that came from the taxpayers of the United States of America through our good graces – to suggest somehow that America is remotely connected to the harm befalling the Venezuelan people is sick and dangerous."

As a reminder of what Omar said.


Meanwhile, the United States continues to back Venezuelan President Juan Guiado.

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