White House Slams Bernie Sanders' Plan to Kill Private Health Insurance

Posted: Apr 10, 2019 5:25 PM
White House Slams Bernie Sanders' Plan to Kill Private Health Insurance

During a press conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill, socialist Bernie Sanders unveiled new legislation to completely destroy the healthcare system in America and replace it with one run by the government. From the AP (bolding is mine): 

As before, the Democratic presidential candidate’s signature proposal would replace job-based and individual private health insurance with a government-run plan that guarantees coverage for all with no premiums, deductibles and only minimal copays for certain services. In this latest version, Sanders added coverage for long-term care.

Some Democratic 2020 hopefuls point to their support of Medicare for All to prove their progressive bona fides. But other Democrats say it’s not politically or economically feasible because of the large tax increases required, preferring instead to stabilize the Affordable Care Act and use it to expand coverage.

Those massive  tax increases would be on the middle class, not just the rich who Sanders - a millionaire - regularly demonizes.

Other Democrat presidential candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand are backing the legislation. 

The White House has taken notice and is slamming the proposal. 

"Self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is proposing a total government takeover of healthcare that would actually hurt seniors, eliminate private health insurance for 180 million Americans, and cripple our economy and future generations with unprecedented debt.  Americans deserve relief from the empty promises of Obamacare," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released in a statement. "The Trump Administration is working on realistic solutions to provide Americans with the options and control they want, the affordability they need, the ease they expect, and the quality they deserve, rather than forcing a government takeover of the healthcare system.  We will protect people with pre-existing conditions, lower prices for care and prescription drugs even further, end surprise medical bills, and make sure Americans get the absolute best quality of care."

In March, President Trump took on the issue of healthcare and vowed the Republican Party would soon be credited with providing real, affordable care to Americans.

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