Bernie Sanders: Okay Fine, I Admit That I'm a Millionaire

Posted: Apr 10, 2019 3:00 PM
Bernie Sanders: Okay Fine, I Admit That I'm a Millionaire

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

After serious hesitating, socialist 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will release his tax returns in the coming weeks. But before he does, he wants everyone to know one thing: he's a millionaire. 

Notice how he kept most of his money instead of donating it to the federal government. Also, he's part of the "proliferation" of millionaires he regularly rails about. 

Speaking of Sanders' book:

Being a millionaire is completely contradictory to Sanders' entire platform. He's used the free market, capitalist system to create personal wealth beyond the vast majority of Americans, yet wants to tear down that same system so others can't do the same.

 Meanwhile, Sanders' fellow class warfare comrade Elizabeth Warren is also quite wealthy and somehow made $1 million last year while serving as a U.S.  Senator.

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren released her 2018 tax returns on Wednesday, showing she and her husband earned nearly $1 million last year.

the details of her high income also come as the candidate doubles down on calls to tax the rich. Warren’s campaign released the candidate’s returns minutes after the senator concluded a speech to a union crowd in the nation’s capital where she once again pushed for her proposal to tax ultra-wealthy Americans based on their assets.

“I’m in this fight for a wealth tax. A two percent tax on the 75 biggest fortunes in the country. Two percent. That’s all we’re asking,” the populist senator with a history of taking on Wall Street and big businesses highlighted as she addressed a gathering of the North America's Building Trades Unions.