Iran Just Threatened, Again, to Murder Nine Million Israelis

Posted: Jun 05, 2018 10:45 AM
Iran Just Threatened, Again, to Murder Nine Million Israelis

It's been more than a month since President Trump officially ended the Iran nuclear agreement and the dangerous Iranian regime has been ramping up hostilities against the United States and Israel ever since. 

Earlier this week, Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei again issued the regime's long held threat to annihilate Israel from the map. In other words, Iran has a goal of murdering nearly 9 million people.

The threat prompted a response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who reminded the world this is exactly why Iran can never be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. 

The Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. also responded in good humor.

Over the past two weeks Hamas, backed by Iran, has sent hundreds of rockets into Israeli communities in hopes of slaughtering innocent civilians. Rioters led by Hamas are planning another day of rage in Gaza on Friday, with a goal of breaching the border and killing the Jews living on the other side.

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Meanwhile, Iran is vowing to increase their uranium production if European countries also pull out of the nuclear agreement.