President Trump Hosts Local Officials Fighting California's Sanctuary State Law

Posted: May 16, 2018 3:40 PM
President Trump Hosts Local Officials Fighting California's Sanctuary State Law

President Trump is hosting an number of California mayors and county officials at the White House Wednesday as they continue to push back against the Golden State's dangerous sanctuary laws.

"President Trump will be meeting with local officials from California who can speak first-hand about how sanctuary policies undermine law enforcement operations and jeopardize community safety. California and other sanctuary jurisdictions are openly obstructing Federal efforts to take custody of and remove certain criminal aliens," the White House. "As a result, dangerous criminal aliens are released back into American communities, where they have the potential to commit further crimes. For example, an alleged gang member in San Francisco was arrested more than ten times between 2013 and 2017 for charges including rape, domestic battery, and assault. However, each time San Francisco denied a request to transfer the individual to Federal custody or even notify Federal officials before releasing the individual. This is an unacceptable risk to community safety. The President has made clear that these dangerous and obstructive sanctuary policies must end."

In recent months, a number of officials have backed the Justice Department's lawsuit against the state and have continued to work with federal law enforcement to detain violent, criminal illegal aliens.

Here is the list of attendees, courtesy of the White House pool report: 

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (CA-67)

Councilmember Pam Patterson, City of San Juan Capistrano

Mayor Troy Edgar, City of Los Alamitos

Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre, City of Barstow

Mayor Natasha Johnson, City of Lake Elsinore

Mayor Elaine Gennawey, City of Laguna Niguel

Mayor Crystal Ruiz, City of San Jacinto

Mayor Sam Abed, City of Escondido

Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto, City of Los Alamitos

Sheriff Adam Christianson, Stanislaus County

Sheriff Margaret Mims, Fresno County

Sheriff John D’Agostini, El Dorado County

Supervisor Michelle Steel, Orange County (R)

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, San Diego County (R)

Deputy Sheriff Ray Grangoff, Orange County

District Attorney Stacey Montgomery, Lassen County

During an interview Tuesday night on Fox News, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen further detailed the Trump administration's ongoing immigration enforcement efforts.