Surprise: Iran to Dump Tons of Cash Into Ballistic Missile Program

Posted: May 09, 2018 8:20 AM
Surprise: Iran to Dump Tons of Cash Into Ballistic Missile Program

Less than 24 hours after President Trump announced the United States is leaving the Iran nuclear agreement, the Iranian regime has vowed to dump loads of cash into its ballistic missile program. 

A prominent Iranian lawmaker says parliament is preparing to increase spending on the country's ballistic missile program.

The head of Iran's parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, made the comments Wednesday after President Donald Trump's decision to pull America out of the nuclear deal.

President Trump addressed Iran's ballistic missile program during his announcement Tuesday. 

"As we exit the Iran deal, we will be working with our allies to find a real, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the Iranian nuclear threat.  This will include efforts to eliminate the threat of Iran’s ballistic missile program; to stop its terrorist activities worldwide; and to block its menacing activity across the Middle East," Trump said. "In the meantime, powerful sanctions will go into full effect.  If the regime continues its nuclear aspirations, it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before."

White House National Security Advisor John Bolton also bolstered that message during a briefing with reporters. 

"Iran has used the course of the negotiations, the lengthy period leading up to the deal to increase the capability and sophistication both of its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile program, and has continued to do so since the deal in 2015," Bolton said. "The only sure way to get on the path of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons and delivery capabilities is to get out of the deal.  And that's what the President has done."

Meanwhile, allies like Germany are being urged to halt business with the regime or face consequences. 

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