White House: Momentum For Major Tax Reform is Happening

Posted: Oct 26, 2017 12:55 PM

The White House is celebrating the House passing a budget earlier today, arguing the move paves the way toward President Trump's tax reform plan. 

"President Donald J. Trump applauds Congress for passing its pro-growth FY 2018 joint budget resolution and fulfilling its obligation to the American people.  This resolution sets the stage for Congress to put America first by providing economic relief for the American people in the form of tax cuts and tax reform," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released Thursday. "President Trump has always made cutting taxes for hard-working American families, creating more jobs for American workers, and simplifying the rigged and burdensome tax code a priority, and he looks forward to further cooperation with Congress to advance the Administration’s pro-growth and pro-jobs agenda."

President Trump's tax reform structure is currently being turned into legislation on Capitol Hill. Legislation on the issue is expected to be released in the coming weeks. 

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady is leading the effort and has all options for reform on the table, including changes in how Americans are allowed to save for retirement through 401(k) plans

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