President Trump Says Obamacare Replacement is Holding Up Tax Reform

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 1:10 PM

Speaking to the nation's of governors Monday from the White House, President Donald Trump explained that Obamacare repeal is holding up tax reform. 

"It's an unbelievably complex subject, nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated and statutorily and for budget purposes as you know, we have to do healthcare before we do the tax cut," President Trump said. "The tax cut is going to be major, it's going to be simple and the whole tax plan in wonderful but I can't do it until we do healthcare."

Trump added tax reform is a "tiny ant" compared to the replacement of Obamacare.

Trump has been arguing for weeks that allowing Obamacare to continue its free fall into failure would be political optimal for Republicans, but the wrong thing for the country and therefore, it must be quickly replaced.

As Guy reported this morning, Republicans appear to have a game plan on exactly how to get repeal done.