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Eric Holder Is Getting Paid a Boat Load of Money By California Taxpayers to Oppose President Trump

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, former Attorney General Eric Holder is being paid a boat load of taxpayer money to fight and oppose President Donald Trump's agenda in California. 


"We will render our statements to you monthly. For the initial three-month phase of our engagement, we have agreed to charge the Legislature a fixed fee of $25,000 per month," the agreement between Covington & Burling Law Firm, where Holder now works, and the California Legislature states. "This fee will include a maximum of 40 attorney or advisor hours per month." 

Holder was hired by Democrat lawmakers in the state late last year to provide "legal strategies regarding potential actions of the federal government that may be of concern to the State of California." The agreement specifically mentions immigration and healthcare as areas of focus.

“The new records show California state legislators are wasting tax dollars to bankroll another corrupt politician – Eric Holder – under the pretense of attacking the Trump administration,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton released in a statement. “This expensive contract is crony corruption pure and simple.  The swamp of public corruption has taken over California.” 

Holder was the first sitting attorney general in history to be voted in contempt of Congress by Republicans and Democrats in 2012.

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