Stop Calling Trump Voters Racist...Says Jon Stewart

Posted: Nov 18, 2016 4:30 PM

Liberals are still dealing with Hillary Clinton's election loss last week by calling Trump voters racist, bigoted and irredeemable monsters who have "white lashed" America. 

But while celebrities like Lady Gaga, John Legend and Katy Perry are happy to engage in the hysteria and smears, comedian Jon Stewart is calling on progressives to back off of their stereotyping.

"The same country that elected Donald Trump elected Barack Obama," Stewart said. "I thought Donald Trump disqualified himself at numerous points. But there is now this idea that anyone who voted for him has to be defined by the worst of his rhetoric."

"Like, there are guys in my neighborhood that I love, that I respect, that I think have incredible qualities who are not afraid of Mexicans, and not afraid of Muslims, and not afraid of blacks," he continued. "They’re afraid of their insurance premiums."

Meanwhile, all of the celebrities who said they would leave the country if Trump won the presidency have changed their minds and aren't going anywhere.