Trump Vows to Banish Nation Building and Islamic Extremism

Posted: Aug 15, 2016 3:35 PM
Trump Vows to Banish Nation Building and Islamic Extremism

Speaking from Youngstown, Ohio Monday GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump laid out his plan for combating radical Islam both overseas and in the United States.

Trump opened his remarks by reminding the audience and those watching of a seemingly endless number of Islamic terror attacks over the course of the past four years, including the recent attacks in France and on gay night club Pulse in Orlando early this summer. He also touched on the ongoing Christian genocide in the Middle East and destruction of holy sites. 

"We cannot let this evil continue," Trump said. "We will defeat Islamic terrorism just like we've defeated every threat before."

"The rise of ISIS is the direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton," Trump argued, pointing out that prior to Obama taking power in 2009 "Libya was stable, Syria was under control, Egypt was ruled by a secular president and ally to the U.S., Iraq was experiencing a decrease in violence and Iran was being choked off by economic sanctions." 

"Our current strategy of nation building and regime change have been a total disaster...It's time to chart a new course," he continued. "When I become President, the era of nation building will be brought to a swift close."

Trump slammed the Obama administration's manipulation of intelligence reports to downplay the ISIS threat and attacked Clinton as lacking the judgement to be commander-in-chief. 

"Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country," Trump said. "She [Clinton] lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS."

Trump said his administration would work with NATO to wage military force against ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in addition to finding common ground with Russia to fight the expanding threat. He also took at a shot at the Obama administration's emptying of Guantanamo Bay Prison by reassuring voters foreign combatants will be tried in military commissions, not in U.S. courts. He also said those who offer material support to terrorist organizations will face aggressive and serious charges.

"We will decimate Al Qaeda and we will starve funding," Trump said. "Military, cyber and financial warfare will be necessary to dismantle Islamic terrorism." 

"Our administration will be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers in the middle east and will amplify their voices, this includes speaking out against honor killings," he continued. 

Finally, Trump laid out his plan for "extreme vetting" of foreigners coming into the United States from terror hot spots around the world. His plan will require the suspension of visas belonging to those from volatile countries or regions where individuals cannot be properly screened. He also vowed to deport foreigners who preach hate during their visits to America.

"We must screen out any with hostile attitudes toward our country and principles," Trump said. "Only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant, American society should be issued visas."

"The support networks for radical Islam in America will be stripped out, viciously if necessary," he said.