Flashback: NRA Stands Up to Jihadists in Ad Featuring Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell

Posted: Jun 14, 2016 1:00 PM

In the aftermath of the Orlando Islamic terror attack, which left 49 people dead and dozens more severely injured, the National Rifle Association has been used as a scapegoat and blamed repeatedly for the atrocity. 

Before carrying out his attack, Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. In years past, Mateen publicly expressed sympathy and dedication to Islamic terror groups like Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra and Hezbollah. The National Rifle Association and it's members have pledged to stand up to these terrorist organizations. 

In fact, last year the NRA ran a powerful advertisement featuring Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell directly challenging terrorists around the world for attacking American freedom. 

"I know you’re watching, so pay attention. You hate my freedom, my religion, and my country. You hate me for speaking my mind. You try to control me with violence and intimidation," Lutrell says. "You think you can muzzle me with fear? Don’t ever confuse me for my politicians or our media. I am an American, free born and free bred. And I will call you out for who you are, an Islamic extremist who will kill me for my beliefs."

"You don’t intimidate me. My freedom is more powerful than anything you can possibly do. And I will never, never surrender my rights to your terror. I will say what I think, worship according to my beliefs, and raise my children how I see fit. And I defend it all with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States," he continues. "I cower to no one because I am the National Rifle Association of America and I am in freedom’s safest place."

The NRA isn't responsible or complicit in the Islamic terrorist attack we saw in Orlando. Instead, they're protecting the Second Amendment and human rights of Americans to protect themselves when ISIS, or any other Islamic terrorist, comes knocking on their door.

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