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As Hillary Clinton's email scandal continues to get worse, with an Inspector General report debunking a number of lies about her personal server last week, the Clinton campaign is ignoring the law of holes: When you're in one, quit digging.


In interview after interview, Clinton continues to claim what she did was allowed. This isn't true and now, Politifact is rating her claim that using a private email server to conduct all government business was "allowed" as officially false.

Hillary Clinton is sticking to her defense that her use of a private email server while secretary of state was "allowed," despite a critical independent audit that found it really wasn’t.

Since the news of Clinton’s email came to light in 2015, she has argued that she "complied with every rule" and that the practice was "allowed." We haven’t yet put the issue on the Truth-O-Meter because there were too many unknowns.

But the inspector general’s report has clarified some of those unknowns and demonstrated that Clinton’s exclusive use of personal email was, in fact, not allowed.

The report from the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General shatters one of Clinton’s go-to phrases about her email practice. We rate her claim False.

But it isn't just Politifact coming down on Clinton's falsehoods. Last week The Washington Post editorial board classified Clinton's email practices as "inexcusable." The New York Times editorial board pointed out she's "drowning in email" and the Wall Street Journal focused on the national security risks Clinton took to maintain a personal email server to avoid transparency. USA Today stated plainly, "Hillary Clinton broke the rules." 

Meanwhile, the FBI continues its criminal investigation of the matter.

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