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Hillary: I Regret Using Personal Email For Classified Info Only Because It Caused "Uproar" and "Commotion"

If Americans weren't in an "uproar" about Hillary Clinton hosting top secret, classified information on a private email server, the democrat presidential candidate would have no regrets over using her home brew system during her time at the State Department. 


While meeting with the Quad-City Times editorial board yesterday, Clinton was asked whether she regrets using a private system for all of her official government business. Listen to her response: 

"It was a mistake not to have used two [email accounts, one private and one for government business] because it's caused all of this uproar and commotion," Clinton said. "It was a mistake because who wants to put people through all of this. I don't want to go through it."

"I regret that this has caused so much of a diversion, which I believe is unfounded," Clinton added.

It is incredible Clinton is still arguing her biggest regret about using private email isn't having exposed classified information, including extremely sensitive human source details, but rather that her use of private email caused a "commotion" for her campaign. 


The FBI isn't investigating criminal misconduct by Clinton over "uproar." More than 150 FBI agents are investigating Clinton for serious breaches of federal law and for the serious damage her private email use caused to U.S. national security.

During her time at the State Department, U.S. national security and the safety of human sources on the ground were she prioritized far below Clinton's personal convenience and she still doesn't give a damn. What she does care about, however, is the fact she got caught. 

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