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Surprise: Dozens of Clinton Libya Emails Were Kept From Benghazi Select Committee

New emails belonging to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were discovered just ahead of testimony today on Capitol Hill from longtime Clinton confidant and adviser Sid Blumenthal. Blumenthal, who was banned by President Obama from working inside his administration, will testify behind closed doors about underground intelligence analysis he gave Clinton on Libya while she was working under the administration. Blumenthal was being paid by the Clinton Foundation when he emailed Clinton with information about the 9/11/2012 terror attack in Benghazi. He will testify in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi behind closed doors. More from POLITICO

House GOP Benghazi investigators have discovered 60 new Libya communications between Sidney Blumenthal and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a congressional source told POLITICO on Monday — suggesting that either the State Department or the 2016 Democratic presidential contender withheld correspondence the panel had requested.

“These emails were not previously produced to the Committee or released to the public, and they will help inform tomorrow’s deposition,” panel Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said in a statement late Monday evening. “We are prepared to release these emails.”

Panel Republicans are pushing to release the emails as early as Tuesday but need Democrats to agree to do so under committee rules that require the minority to be given a five-day warning before release.

In the meantime, they’re wondering why they didn’t have them in the first place.

The State Department and Clinton have maintained that they have cooperated with requests from Congress to turn over all relevant emails to the Benghazi Select Committee. In the case of these newly discovered emails, it's difficult to tell who withheld them -- State Department officials or Clinton with her private email server? The bottom line is they weren't turned over, which begs the question: What else that's relevant to Benghazi is still in hiding? 


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and her attorney have said she is willing to testify once in front of the Benghazi Select Committee. The Committee is expected to release the full results of their investigation sometime in 2016. 

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